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Stamps As an Investment

Stamps can be a valuable addition to your portfolio. This section discusses how to get the most from your investment funds and what to look out for. We will profile the most reliable information sources and provide information on minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Philatelic Investor
A UK based site devoted to providing resources for investing in postage stamps. It provides information on the philatelic investment market, buying and selling stamps, and caring for your investment among other topics. The site does not buy or sell stamps but will make free referrals to dealers (a free service). The information provided is useful for anyone looking at stamps as an investment.

ASDA Stamp Dealer's Obligations
A publication of the American Stamp Dealer's Association that gives a very thorough list of what you should expect from a stamp dealer acting as an investment counselor. Also has a nice list of what the potential investor goals and expectations.

Investing in Collectibles
This article offers advice on calculating where your stamp investment should fit in your overall portfolio as well as potential risks of investing in collectibles.

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in "Forever" Stamps?
An article from Slate Magazine about why trying to use the US Postal Service's "Forever" stamps as an investment might be a bad idea.

The Philatelic Foundation
A non-profit organization that concerns itself with philatelic education as well as expertizing services. Their research articles are useful to all collectors, but especially useful to those seeking to make money from stamps. Expertization is of course crucial to make sure your investment is correctly identified.

Professional Stamp Experts
One of the more respected expertizing services. They offer a wide variety of certification services and information. For stamp investors their quarterly online price guide offers information on trends in stamp values. You can also verify the certifications they have done to make sure of your purchases.

Swedish Treskilling Yellow Error Breaks Record
Mystery surrounds the recent sale of the world's most valuable stamp. Stamp auctioneer David Feldman says all will probably be known in time.

Stamp Investing's Tender Traps
There are no guarantees in stamp investing, although picking the right stamps is a good start. While the collector may love his stamps, when he decides to become an investor he must become knowledgeable about what makes a stamp important and investment grade. While there are many gurus in the philatelic woods ready to sell you their investment...

The Wise Stamp Investor
As the financial situation in the world has become dire, many are looking for other places to invest their money as currency, stocks, and bonds remain risky. Tangible assets like rare stamps are gaining in popularity, as historically they have held their value and are now viewed as a safe haven for investing. Stamp collectors may also consider...

When Stamp Collecting Was Cool
Changes must be made in the nature of stamp collecting, as collectors must change their style if the hobby is to survive. Pretending that money doesn't have anything to do with why people collect is the first old notion that should go.

Always Know What Your Stamp Collection is Worth
Know what your stamp collection is worth by consulting catalogs, but also be aware of the things that can impact a stamp's value.

Whither First Day Covers in the Post-Modern World of Philately?
First day covers (FDC's) are having a hard time holding their place in today's stamp collecting world, as interest in them fades and FDC collecting groups lose members.

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