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2012: The Philatelic Year That Was

For a hobby that is supposed to be quiet, its practitioners unassuming, there has always been a lot of activity connected to stamp collecting in the world. The year 2012 proved no exception to the rule.

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Stamp Dealers' East Coast Spring Show Worth a Visit

Sunday March 24, 2013

Bigger stamp shows can be one-stop shopping for all things stamp collecting and related. And April 11-14 collectors on the east coast will be able to attend one of the biggest: the American Stamp Dealers Association's Spring Postage Stamp Show 2013.

With free admission and featuring free appraisals, stamp albums for children, philatelic gift certificates up to $100, an auction of U.S. and worldwide stamps and postal history, the show will also feature first day of issue of the new wedding stamps, When Dreams Blossom and Yes I Do.

The United Nations Postal Administration will also host a first day, featuring six stamps noting important sites in China, part of the World Heritage series.

Considering all of the above as well as the usual group of fine dealers in stamps, covers and philatelic literature, the stamp collector could not find a better place to be for his philatelic needs.

Check the ASDA site for further information.

Philatelic Literature: An Investment That Pays Off

Sunday March 24, 2013

You stamp collectors that are reading this are here because you have a greater need to know about collecting stamps than just putting them in their albums.

Moving around the About.com Stamps site you can find information about how to buy and sell stamps, what stamp collecting areas are most popular, how to meet other collectors and how to properly store and care for your stamps.

But these relatively short bits of information don't tell the whole story. Collectors who know this will often take the time to investigate further. In doing so they might even decide to start their own philatelic library.

Using the search term "philatelic literature" in the search engine of your choice will provide you with an overview of what a good basic philatelic library might contain. Knowledge is indeed power, and a small expenditure to gain it will pay off well for you in the future.

Mr. Zip Returns to Stamps!

Monday March 18, 2013

Mr. Zip

Mr. Zip has returned, and in a rather upscale way. Now appearing on the Grand Central Terminal Express Mail stamp and the Arlington Green Bridge Priority Mail Stamp, it seems our selvage-dwelling friend is traveling in style on stamps that have a $19.95 andá $5.60 face value, respectively.

Mr. Zip, the character that taught a cartoon-oriented American mailing public about the new wonder of mail routing called Zip Code, made his first appearance in 1962, and found his way onto the border of stamp sheets in 1964.

He not only served an important postal function, but also crossed cultural borders when a reference was made to him on the Firesign Theater's comic dystopian future World's Fair take-off I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus. Referencing the New York World's Fair of 1964-5, where the fair post office employed the slogan Take a Trip with Mr. Zip, one of the characters of Bozos meets another on the funway of the Future Fair and says "Kid, you're hip like a zip, let's take a trip."

It's nice that someone in the future, no matter how strange, was still thinking of stamps.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Mainstay LA Stamp Dealer Doling Leaves His Philatelic Mark

Sunday March 17, 2013

If you'd like a good picture of what the stamp business in the real world is like today, you might check out this article at the Los Angeles Daily News by Dennis McCarthy.

It features Sherman Oaks, CA stamp dealer Burt Doling, who hung on through tough times and started a stamp store that stayed in business over half a century.

Not only that, but being in L.A. he had some very interesting customers over the years, including Alan Ladd, William (The Life Of Riley) Bendix, James Earl Jones, and Tom (Magnum, P.I.) Selleck.

Burt Doling, who clearly led a good philatelic life, passed away last week. Collectors in the L.A. area will miss him.

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