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Finding Stamp Values

Two stamps that look exactly alike can vastly different values. This section will show you how to tell what's hot and what's not, and where to get the most up to date pricing information. We will also provide tips and techniques for judging the quality of your stamps and maintaining their value.

Free sources of information about stamps
Free Stamp Collecting Periodicals and Magazines that you can find online

Review of the 2009 U.S. First Day Cover Catalogue & Checklist
Review of the 2009 U.S. First Day Cover Catalogue & Checklist

Stamp Catalog
2009 Blackbook Price Guide to United States Postage Stamps

A Dealer Said My First Day Covers Are Worthless. Why?
Explanation that first day covers without cachets are, as a rule, not sought after and worth very little.

Are Your First Day Covers Worthless? -- Update
Update to article dealing with valuation of first day covers.

British Stamp Market Values 2011
British Stamp Market Values 2011 is a guide for collectors from beginner to advanced that lists every British stamp and philatelic item released from 1840 to 2010. It is a money saver for collectors as its valuations are based on actual market prices and not a questionably arrived at catalog value.

The Philatelic Archive
This is a non-profit project that is striving to have a record of every stamp, with catalog and pricing information. It is a work in progress with coverage and actual pricing information spotty. It does a have great image system with magnification. It is a useful supplemental reference.

U.S. Stamp Values
This website offers a pictorial guide and prices for U.S. Stamps. The prices are from several auction houses as well as EBay. It gives the prices over a time so you can get some idea of what prices have been doing. It is a work in progress and new information is being added frequently. It has listings up to the 1930s. It also offers a pictorial guide to the stamps of Great Britain.

Appraising Your Appraiser
A useful article from Forbes.com that offers insights into how to select an collectibles appraiser.

A World of Catalogs
A page that lists stamp catalogs with links to the publisher's website. Covers the well known ones like Scott's and Michel, but has some smaller ones that might be of interest to the specialized collector.

Where to Find A $14,000 Error Stamp Rarity
A recently discovered error version of the U.S.'s Lindbergh airmail stamp has sold for $14,000.

Catalogs and Your Stamp Collection's Value
Stamp catalogs come offer guides to prices, not the final word on them. That rests with stamps dealers, who use the same catalogs as collectors to determine their prices.

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