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Stamps November 2011 Archive


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Quick Take on Stamps: The Future

Wednesday November 30, 2011
"As we look forward, the future of stamp collecting looks bright. The knowledge of our world that it offers us is boundless and it is all there for ... Read More

Side Dish for a Stamp Collector

Wednesday November 30, 2011
Still scared (or more likely amused) by the word philately? All it means is the study of stamps and postal items, including covers, usually of the postal history variety. Think ... Read More

China Had Philatelically Eventful 2011

Wednesday November 30, 2011
China was in the stamp news in 2011, including breaking records for prices of classic China at auction, the rising of its stamps' catalog value, and influencing prices in general ... Read More

Time Still Left to Vote for Your Favorite USPS Stamp of 2011

Monday November 28, 2011
The USPS is curious about what your favorite stamp of 2011 might be. There are some pretty strong contenders, although personally I would tend to go with the Mark Twain ... Read More

Ugly Duckling Meter-Stamped Cover Becomes an eBay Star

Sunday November 27, 2011
Sometimes breathless, though never hyperbolic, stamp dealer Glen Stephens has a good blog that shows how the hobby of stamp collecting is often one of surprises. Stephens is like an ... Read More

Quick Take on Stamps: Philip Roth's "Plot"

Sunday November 27, 2011
"Before we went to Washington, I asked permission to take my stamp album on the trip. Out of fear that I would lose it and be heartbroken afterward, my mother ... Read More

People's Daily Reports on China's Post Office in The Final Frontier: Space

Monday November 21, 2011
The United States may have been the first to put a man on the moon, but China is the first to put a postman in space. China Post Group has taken ... Read More

The Family and Philately Win the Day

Monday November 21, 2011
Believe it or not, there is a world outside that rectangle you're reading these words on right now, populated by what may appear to you to be strange beings, but ... Read More

Honor a Living US Serviceperson on a Stamp

Monday November 21, 2011
From the philatelic point of view everyone who appears on a stamp is a hero to one degree or another. But now that living people are going to be on ... Read More

Rocket Man Not Stamp Worthy

Monday November 21, 2011
  Although he became valuable to the U.S. after World War II, it seems like Werner Von Braun is one of those historical figures that just stirs up too much controversy ... Read More

Ex Prez of APS Pro Living People on Stamps

Monday November 14, 2011
Philatelic author, American Philatelic Society past president and current Citizens'  Stamp Advisory Committee member, Ms. Janet Klug has thoughts on placing living persons on U.S. stamps. She is one of those ... Read More

Penn Canceled Stamp

Monday November 14, 2011
When the Penn State scandal broke I thought exactly what Lloyd deVries -- founder of the Virtual Stamp Club and President of the American First Day Cover Society, as well ... Read More

Noting Wars with Stamps

Sunday November 13, 2011
For the serious collector of war stamps every day is Veterans Day. War, as always, is hell and all that changes about it is the why and how it's fought. The ... Read More

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