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Stamps July 2011 Archive


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Hotchner Piece as Balance to Wall Street Journal's Takedown of the CSAC

Sunday July 31, 2011
Over at the Virtual Stamp Club, grand man of stamp collecting and philatelic journalist nonpareil, John Hotchner, has a column with the intriguing title Is The US Stamp Selection Process ... Read More

Philadelphia's Franklin Post Office: Postal History Heritage vs USPS's Bottom Line

Saturday July 30, 2011

Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee a Philatelic Illuminati?

Saturday July 30, 2011
You've got to love this article on the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee in the Wall Street Journal, which makes them sound like nothing less than the Illuminati, meeting in dark ... Read More

The Philatelic Foundation Offers Rich Resource

Saturday July 30, 2011
If you're beyond the beginning stage of stamp collecting and are starting to wonder if now is the time to try purchases through the auction world, there is a resource ... Read More

Quick Take on Stamps: Happy Birthday, Mr. Stamp

Friday July 22, 2011
It has always made me smile when I remember the British actor Terence Stamp made a movie called The Collector. Stamp's character, Freddie Clegg, one of the nastiest since Norman ... Read More

With Stamps, Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing

Friday July 22, 2011
In an opinion piece called Books and Other Fetish Objects at the New York Times, James Gleick deals with the reality of rare books and manuscripts migrating online. Some feel ... Read More

USPS Preview of 2012 Includes Black Heritage Issue

Friday July 22, 2011
If you'd like a taste of what the USPS has in store for stamp collectors in 2012, check out the preview at Beyond The Perf. Stamps in the sneak peek are ... Read More

American History via Postal History with the American Philatelic Society

Sunday July 17, 2011
For those About.com Stampers who have moved beyond basic stamp collecting and are trying their hand at postal history, the American Philatelic Society has something just for you. For three days ... Read More

Collectors' Motors Run for NASCAR Philately

Friday July 15, 2011
Although the race is long over, NASCAR, and stamp and pictorial cancel collectors can still order the special Spring Series Cup commemorative postmark. Collectors have 30 days from July 9 to ... Read More

Sale of Post Office Mauritius Stamp for Record £1,053,090

Friday July 15, 2011
The auction of the rare Post Office Mauritius stamp is part of the sale of Sir Cyril Humphrey Cripps collection, which is routinely described as "stunning" and "breathtaking" and thought ... Read More

Quick Take on Stamps: Flag Stamps Unpatriotic?

Friday July 15, 2011
Section 8g of the Flag Code says "the flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter word, ... Read More

Thanks to USPS Stamps for the Kind Words

Sunday July 10, 2011
I was honored to be mentioned on USPS Stamps' Facebook page. I am still on a high from their great compliment about my blog and can honestly return a favor ... Read More

Royal Wedding Stamps and More at Canada Post

Thursday July 7, 2011
Aside from stamps like the one illustrated above, the third in the Royal Wedding series, Canada Post  has a wide selection of Royal Wedding items that go beyond philatelic concerns. ... Read More

Stay in the Stamp Mix with About.com Stamps on Facebook and Twitter

Thursday July 7, 2011
Just a reminder that you can get bonus stamp stuff from About.com Stamps by following on Twitter (@AboutStamps) and Liking on Facebook. It's like a stamp club, but without the ... Read More

America's Four Freedoms Found on Stamps

Sunday July 3, 2011
On the Fourth of July I thought it might be a good idea to put in my 2 cents about freedom. Right there I've engendered my first consideration: I can ... Read More

More on Philatelic Fathers

Friday July 1, 2011
There have been many so-called fathers commemorated on stamps. Did you know that  J.C. Handy was the father of the blues? And Marconi was the father of radio? A fact ... Read More

Collectors of British Stamps Find True Values in Guide

Friday July 1, 2011
British Stamp Market Values 2011 is one of those almost mythical beasts -- a catalog that provides actual market prices, rather than a catalog value that has little relation to ... Read More

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