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Organizing Your Stamps

There are as many ways to organize and display stamps as there are stamps. This section will show you how to get the most out stamp albums and stock books as well as specialty products for unique postal materials. We will also look at innovative ways to present and display your collection for school, clubs or stamp shows.

Stamps of Mystery and the Imagination
Postal services remember science fiction and fantasy writers, by commemorating the likes of Poe, Verne, Wells.

To Use or Not to Use Stamp Albums
Albums can offer disappointment to the collector in the form of empty spaces where high value stamps go. But the discipline of using a stamp album can also help one avoid the slippery slope from stamp collector to messy accumulator of stamps.

Free U.S. Stamp Album
The Philosateleian is a free downloadable U.S. Stamp Album. It is available in PDF or ODT (Open Office) file formats. This is an excellent way to get started in organizing and displaying your U.S. stamps.

Tips on Scanning Stamps
A useful site for learning the ins and outs of scanning stamps. It deals with techniques as well as technology and how to best use your scans for online auctions.

San Diego Exhibiting Workshop
A collection of ideas and examples of organizing philatelic materials for shows and displays. It also links to a Digital Philatelic Workshop, focusing on online presentations.

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
The national organization of stamp and postal exhibitors. This site contains a wealth of information on creating and showing philatelic displays, both physical and virtual.

Stamp Shows Worldwide
A great site for finding the latest information on stamp shows around the world. The site is updated weekly and has a wealth of information.

Organization Needed to Make a Stamp Collection
It is great fun to buy stamps, but once you get them home you have a responsibility to them. If you find more enjoyment in the acquisition than in forming them into a handsome and meaningful collection, you are an accumulator and not a collector.

Changing Traditions in Stamp Collecting
Technology has changed the way collectors collect. For someone just entering the hobby, with knowledge of the old ways, there are new ways that should be learned before joining the ranks of 21st century stamp collectors.

Fairs and Expos Offer Stamp Collecting Opportunities
World's fairs and expositions have historically been responsible for creating some of the most exciting collectibles for stamp and cover collectors. From the Columbian Exposition in 1892 to the 1939 NY World's Fair and beyond, collectors of fair and expo items have a rich field to mine.

War and Stamp Collecting
World War II makes an excellent topical collecting area for stamp collectors.

Rounding Up the Usual Stamp Subjects
Some topics and personalities have appeared on stamps more than once. Is a repeat philatelic honor always justified for those not of royalty or presidential?

The Story of a Stamp Exhibit
Let your stamps speak for you in an exhibit of your own making.

Stamp Collectors Living in Interesting Times
Collectors can claim stamps as their own by understanding their use and importance and creating a collection demonstrating postal progress.

When Stamp Collectors are Ready, Covers are Waiting
On the way from collecting stamps to studying postal history, there's an entry level fun way to get into it by collecting covers that show the progress of the mails and the history of the hobby of stamp collecting.

Collateral Items Add Interest to a Stamp Collection
Adding stamp related philatelic items to your collection, can also add interest to it and help your stamps tell their stories.

Stanley Gibbons Collect British Stamps 2012
A review of the stamp catalog Collect British Stamps 2012, published by Stanley Gibbons, Ltd.

Pleasures and Pitfalls of Topical Stamp Collecting
Aspects of the popular area of topical stamp collecting.

Collecting Philatelic Covers: To Cut or Not to Cut
New types of stamps make philatelic covers more collectible.

The Art of Stamp Collecting
Artists and their art fill the stamps in philatelic collections.

WWII Added Many to the Ranks of Stamp Collecting
WWII and surrounding events created many stamp collectors.

Banned Books Week Leads Into National Stamp Collecting Month
Virtually all of the U.S. authors depicted on USPS stamps have had their works banned.

Stamps Get Personal
Stamp collecting is a very personal pleasure. You may even enjoy seeing yourself on stamps and covers, just like those honored by postal administrations.

Finding Christmas in Stamp collecting
Collecting Christmas themed topical philatelic items can give the stamp collector pleasure all year round.

USPS Jenny Sheet Renews Interest In Airmail
The USPS issuing a sheet reproducing a famous airmail error, the Inverted Jenny, aka the Upside Down Airplane stamp, looks back to the days when airmail was all the rage with stamp and cover collectors.

Stamp Collecting in the US: On with the Show
The Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum should serve as a model for how stamp collectors can keep their collections vital, historic and interesting.

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