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Insuring Your Collection

Your collection is important to you, no matter how big or small, and you need to make sure it is protected. We will look at the best ways to insure your collection using your existing policies as well as specialized philatelic insurance programs.
  1. Personal Property Insurance

Home Insurance Tips
Basic information on what homeowner's insurance does and does not cover, and how to make sure valuables like a stamp collection are properly covered.

APS Insurance Through Hugh Woods, Inc.
Information on the American Philatelic Society insurance program. This program is available to APS members, and is one of many reasons to join this great organization. Hugh Woods, Inc. also offers insurance for non-members as well.

NAIC Consumer Information
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers a great deal of information on homeowners, renters and property insurance. The emphasis is on the basics of insurance but it does deal with specialty issues such as stamp collections.

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