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In the vast world of stamp collecting one can easily lose their way if they do not have a grasp on what direction they're going. There are many thousands of stamps issued each year and without a focus the stamp collector could drown in the philatelic deluge. The general collector is no more and specialization is key. With the proper tools and focus one can build a satisfying collection that is more than just stamps on a album page. The information here will make sure you stay on track in the exciting hunt for the best items for your collection.
  1. Some History of Stamp Collecting
  2. Starting Collecting and Using the Tools
  3. Stamp Collecting in the 21st Century

Some History of Stamp Collecting

It is good to know how stamp collecting arrived where it is today. There were stars and heroes who were instrumental in spreading the collecting bug around the world. There were also businessmen who saw the potential for making a buck and journalists who saw the celebrities and characters and knew there were stories to be written. It was the golden age of collecting and many of today's stamp collecting trends can be traced back to that time.

Starting Collecting and Using the Tools

When starting out it is best to be limited in one's collecting. It is essential to stay organized and focused on your particular area of interest. A small investment in collecting tools, such as albums, stockbooks, catalogs, and tongs will pay large dividends later with an attractive and valuable collection. Remember: it is a great thing to hunt down marvelous stamps for your collection, but after you have them you must consider their proper care and feeding. Give your stamps a good home and treat them well and they will treat you well.

Stamp Collecting in the 21st Century

Technology has brought many changes to traditional stamp collecting. The stamp shop around the corner is gone: buying and selling occurs mostly online. The Internet has brought virtual stamp clubs, journals and chat rooms into the philatelic world, impacting the way the 21st century collector relates to other collectors and collects his stamps. Maximum enjoyment of the hobby means staying abreast of these changes.

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