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Glassine Envelopes


Glassine Envelopes

Glassine Envelope

Image courtesy Michael Breen
Definition: Glassine is a light-weight, semi-transparent material that contains no chemicals which can harm the stamp and is fairly resistant to moisture. Glassine is also used in stamp hinges.

Glassine envelopes come in a variety sizes that will hold most philatelic materials, from a few stamps all the way up to full envelopes. Books of glassine are also available for storing full sheets of stamps. They are available from numerous stamp collecting suppliers. In addition to the protective qualities, the translucent nature makes it easy to identify and organize materials in the envelope.

Glassine envelopes are a must-have for stamp collecting. They are the best way to store stamps until you can put them in albums. They are also invaluable for transporting stamps (to a stamp club meeting, for example) or as part of your packing when you mail them.

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