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Better Collections are Built by Those Sharing the Hobby


From your local stamp club to the American Philatelic Society, there are countless opportunities for stamp collectors to meet. Virtually all collector’s groups of merit have a web presence. There are also forums to exchange information, as well as blogs and websites not affiliated with any group that provide information and networking for the active collector. Increasing one’s reach in the world of philately can be of great benefit to the collector, as well as one’s collection. In our hobby while knowledge is power, others’ knowledge of your collecting interests benefits both you and your collection.
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  2. Drawn Together by Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting Organizations

Meet others who share your interest through collector's clubs and organizations. It is easy to find clubs online or listed in magazines and stamp newspapers like Linn's Stamp News. The biggest club in the U.S. is The American Philatelic Society. While they have many chapters, you may want to start out with a local group, which may have meeting information in your town paper or available at your library. If your interest is in international collecting, the Internet will point you to websites featuring your area of interest.

Drawn Together by Stamp Collecting

People start collecting for many reasons, and often start alone. But soon enough they find that there are others who share their interests within the hobby and are naturally drawn into a group of like-minded stamp collectors. There are many ways to make stamp collecting part of an active social life, whether it is attending a stamp show, being part of a first day cover ceremony, chatting on an Internet stamp collecting forum, or even hanging around the local stamp shop, just talking stamps.

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