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Finding Other Collectors

There are a lot of stamp collectors out there and we will help you find them. Whether it's online forums, local stamp clubs, or groups devoted to particular aspects of the hobby, you'll find all the information you need to make new friends and expand your hobby.

American Philatelic Society
The American Philatelic Society is the largest stamp collecting group in the United States. It offers a variety of services including expertizing, insurance, sales circuits and an online store. They offer a number of publications and partner with the American Philatelic Research Library.

American First Day Cover Society
The American First Day Cover Society is devoted to all aspects of first day cover collecting. Cachets, cancellations, and FDC history are just some of the topics they cover. The society publishes the journal First Days.

American Topical Association
Organizing and collecting stamps by specific themes or topics is one of the most popular types of collecting. The American Topical Association is the largest organization devoted to this type of collecting. They have numerous study units for specific topics and offer a publication, Topical Time.

Rossica Society of Russian Philately
The premier organization for the study and appreciation of Russian philately from the early Tsarist stamps up to the present. They offer a number of print and online publications, discussion forums and a virtual gallery.

Cinderella Stamp Club
A UK based organization with a global reach, this group focuses on cinderllas in all their various forms. They offer a number of publications and services.

Close Your Album and Live Your Stamps
There's more to stamp collecting than putting little pieces of paper in albums. Stamps can become an integral part of one's daily life and you can go as far as your interest will take you. Philately is not a dry and boring pursuit. And collecting with passion is the best revenge.

Better Collections are Built by Those Sharing the Hobby
Meeting other stamp collectors for a friendly networking and exchange of information benefits you and your collection. Even with the Internet, the individual's grasp can only reach so far. As part of a club or stamp organization, through combined effort more knowledge, leading to better informed collecting will yield a higher quality collection...

Clubs Add Value to Your Stamp Collecting Life
Joining a stamp club can add to your pleasure and knowledge and will consequently help you put together a collection of greater than average value. And in stamp collecting every friend, acquaintance and contact is another source of information and stamps.

Mail Art: Stamp Collecting's Artistic Cousin
Mail Art: Stamp Collecting's Artistic Cousin

Chill With Stamps While Out of School This Summer
Forever mocked as being uncool, stamp collecting is a fine way for the young out on summer vacation to spend their time. Not just a painless way to learn about the world outside of books, those one meets out in the international stamp world can broaden one's horizons and prepare the young for those he will meet in college and beyond. And all...

Buying Books for Back to School, Be Sure One is a Stamp Album
Back to school time can be a stressful time. But it doesn't have to be full of academic worries and concerns about social status. There are plenty of real world activities that connect nicely with stamp collecting. The cliche that stamp collecting is also a teaching hobby is actually true. It is also true that stamp collecting includes many of...

The Stamp Collector vs The Philatelist
The stamp collector and the philatelist, while they're in the same ballpark, are on different teams. Their styles of collecting and relating to their stamps vary in seriousness, organization and study. Neither one is more right than the other. They have just chosen different directions in which to pursue their interest.

Many Stamp Collectors Enjoy Deltiology
The hobby of deltiology, or postcard collecting, is enjoyed by many stamp collectors, who enjoy the variety of postcards beyond the basic scenic or picture postcard.

Saving Stamps: A Few Modest Proposals
Postal agencies, as well as stamp collectors themselves, must keep pace with the times for the hobby to survive.

Get More out of Stamp Collecting with Philatelic Literature
The history of publishing philatelic literature; the meaning of philatelic literature to the interested stamp collector.

The Spirit and the Letter
Letters disappearing from the mails have an impact on stamp collectors as well as a nation's sense of community.

Stamp Collecting at the Tipping Point
The ongoing problem with the hobby of stamp collecting is the inability to attract younger collectors to carry on the traditions and start some of their own.

Contribute to Your Stamp Club
Join a stamp club after you have learned the basics of collecting.

Are the Young Turning Their Backs on Stamp Collecting?
The hobby of stamp collecting needs an infusion of youth to stay strong.

Stamp Collectors Guard Their Privacy
Privacy, including not divulging important information about stamp purchases, is vital to the safety of stamp collectors and their collections

Is It Time to Rejoin the Ranks of the Stamp Collectors?
If you collected years ago and have been on sabbatical from the hobby, there have been some changes you should know about before you dive back in.

Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art
A great guide to how to become a mail artist and part of the worldwide network, using stamps and art as a mode of expression and communication.

Fight Negative Stereotypes of Stamp Collectors with Knowledge
Philatelic knowledge and joining others to further your collecting -- and the stamp collecting hobby as well -- will put negative stereotypes on the run.

Philately's Generations
Different generations don't always see eye to eye in their collecting habits and pursuits.

Philatelic Show Fun
Besides the buying and selling at a stamp show, the other major offering is fun.

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