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Caring for Your Stamps

Protecting your stamps is crucial and we will show you the best tips and techniques to do the job right. All the best tools will be discussed along with hands-on practical instructions.

Learn Philatelic Do's and Don'ts
Protect yourself and your collection's value by becoming familiar with the basic good practices of stamp collecting.

Twenty Gifts for Twenty Dollars
A variety of gifts that stamp collectors will love, great for holidays and birthdays. They are also perfect for the new collector. Many of these items can be combined to form a "portable" collecting kit as well, useful for the philatelist on the go.

Guide to Stamp Collecting
A thorough introduction to the hobby that offers excellent advice on caring for your collection and fixing problems with your materials.

Ten Things to Avoid With Your Stamps
Stamps are fragile pieces of paper and can easily be damaged. This list offers things to avoid when working with yours in order to keep them safe.

How to Handle Stamps
How to handle stamps and use tongs to keep them safe.

Soaking Stamps
How to separate stamps from envelopes by soaking.

Preserving Your Stamps
A series of articles on the National Postal Museum website that offers useful tips and advice on keeping your stamps safe.

Stuck with Self-Stick Stamps
Stuck with Self-Stick Stamps

Moisture: A Stamp's Natural Enemy
One of the greatest enemies of stamps and related philatelic items is moisture. A collection needs to be protected through means of climate control and chemicals. And if dampness and moisture have affected stamps there ways to salvage part of their value, though never all.

Stamp Condition Heartbreaks
There are many ways a stamp or cover might be abused, lessening its condition and value. Those who give stamps a good home and see that their collections get the proper care, maintaining the best condition, should be considered heroes.

Honest Fixes for Stamps In Need of Help
Proper repairing of stamps and covers is part of the serious collector's world.

Modern Stamp Storage Concerns
Keeping up with the latest in stamp storage can save the collector from the heartbreak of damaged and ruined stamps.

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