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Find information here to help you in buying and selling stamps and other philatleic items. Most stamp catalogs are rough guides to price, not bibles, while dealers price their stamp stock according to many different factors. Find out what they are. When you sell to a dealer, remember that he makes a living from his stamps; he plays by different rules. We will examine these. In the end, the customer-dealer relationship in stamp collecting is an important one to keep healthy for good collecting.
  1. Cutting a Straight Path Through the Stamp Buying Maze
  2. Knowledgeable Stamp Selling

Cutting a Straight Path Through the Stamp Buying Maze

Perhaps every new collector should be urged to go to a major stamp show to see just how large the philatelic world is. But soon enough we all learn that we can't possibly have it all and we decide on a few areas of interest that we pursue with passion. And like anyone, stamp collectors want good deals, so here we will examine the ways to assure getting them. Basic negotiating skills as well as a sense of timing to know when a dealer truly needs to make a sale can help the knowledgeable collector come out ahead of the one who just pays his money and takes his stamp. Because the price in the book isn't the price.

Knowledgeable Stamp Selling

Collectors usually come to a point when their collection no longer holds the great interest it once did. It is then that the dealer becomes a buyer and the collector the seller. But in this reversal there are many variables. A knowledgeable collector must know what the dealer's considerations are and should have an idea of what he should expect to get before he takes the collection to the dealer. There are also times when a collector wants or needs to sell a part of what he has accumulated and then too, he must try to think like a dealer and have common sense expectations of the return on his philatelic investment.

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