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The World Wide Web offers vast resources for the stamp collector. Included among these are free online stamp periodicals. Many of them are offered by stamp issuing agencies around the world as a way to promote their new issues and introduce people to the fun of philately.

1. Stamp Bulletin - Australia Post

This is a quarterly offering from the Australia Post. It highlights new stamp issues and provides a great deal of interesting information on the subjects portrayed on the postage. They also offer Stamp Explorer for younger collectors. It has information on their stamps, collecting and offers other activities as well. Both magazines are in the Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded in high and low resolution files. Back issues are available in an archive.

2. Details - Canada Post

Details is Canada Post's quarterly magazine. It highlights recent and upcoming issues, providing a great deal of background material on the stamps and their subjects. It also has a calendar of upcoming stamp events in Canada. There is also information about stamp collecting in general as well as interesting facets of Canadian stamps. It is published in English and French. Canada Post also offers Collections, a catalog of stamps and stamp collecting accessories, which is published three times a year. Both publications are offered in the Adobe PDF format. A year's worth of back issues are available.

3. Stamp Info - Finnish Post

This is a yearly bulletin from the Finnish Post. Like other postal agency publications it offers previews of upcoming stamp issues with descriptions and background of the subjects, information about the issues, and ordering information. It is an online magazine presented in the Adobe Flash format. It could be a little slow to access for those not on broadband.

4. Fascination - United Nation Postal Administration

The United Nation's quarterly magazine gives previews of upcoming issues with details about the stamp production as well as information on the subjects. Fascination also has details on special cancellations and postmarks to be used in conjunction with new issues. It also offers information on UN postal offices as well as the UNPA's attendance at upcoming stamp exhibitions. They also offer the Philatelic Bulletin every two months, which is an abridged version of their other magazine, with listings of upcoming stamps and a monthly letter from the chief of the UN Postal Administration.

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