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Buying & Selling Stamps

Whether looking to buy, sell or trade stamps this section will give you the latest information on the best markets and resources. We will also have the latest tools and techniques to stay organized and make the entire process quick and easy.

Free Online Stamp Periodicals
The World Wide Web offers vast resources for the stamp collector. Included among these are free online stamp periodicals. Many of them are basically catalogs offered by stamp issuing agencies around the world as a way to promote their new issues. They provide up-to-date information and detailed background data on new stamps.

Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives
2009 USPS Stamp Releases - Images of the 2009 USPS Commemoratives and Definitives

USPS Stamp Releases For 4th quarter 2008
USPS Stamp releases for the rest of 2008.

How to Get Free Stamps
How to get free stamps in your neighborhood.

Sell Your Collection
A great article listing a number of methods for selling collectibles. They vary from the quick and easy to ideas that are more complex but may generate better sales.

Selling Online: Taking Good Photographs
When selling online a picture may not be worth a thousand dollars, but it will enhance your chances of selling your material at the best price possible. This article provides fundamentals of taking pictures for the digital market, including hosting them.

The collector finds many pleasures at the stamp show
A bit of planning ahead will add to your enjoyment of the stamp show.

Get the Best Deal When Selling Your Stamp Collection
Necessary tasks to prepare for selling your stamp collection include making sure you are emotionally ready to say goodbye.

Styles of First Day Cover Collecting
Limit yourself to collecting a particular type of first day cover and learn to be a selective and frugal buyer.

Stamp Centering: A Buyer's Prime Consideration
The centering of a stamp is one of the prime considerations when deciding what price to pay. The knowledgeable collector is aware of the different grades of stamps and the terms to describe them.

The Philatelic Money Machine: Myth or the Real Deal?
The dream of all stamp collectors is to turn their hobby into a self-sustaining entity. More than "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul" there are practical steps the collector can take to assure that there will always be mad money in the stamp collection jar for new additions.

Pay Your Price for Your Stamps, Not the Dealer's
There are ways to help yourself find stamps at prices you can handle. And all it takes is finding a stamp dealer who is aware of your needs as a collector.

Consider More Than The Stamp When Buying US Covers
There is more to consider when buying U.S. covers than the stamp. Cachets can cause confusion for the beginning or casual collector and cause him...

Buying & Selling: Enjoyable and Profitable
Stamp collecting is based on the customer-dealer realtionship. A good dealer knows what the collector wants and tries to have it for him at a good...

Learn the Rules of Condition Before Playing the Stamp Game
The new or inexperienced collector may overlook one of the hard and fast rules of stamp collecting: always purchase a stamp in the best condition available. While there are different standards for each collector, those who want their collections to have value and decent resale value can't ignore the condition of the stamps they buy and add to...

Mystery Owner of Treskilling Yellow Rarity Revealed
Until recently the owner of the rare Treskilling Yellow Swedish error stamp, auctioned by David Feldman, has remained unknown. But Feldman has revealed the owner to be entrepreneur and player in the philatelic world, Arman Rousso.

Buying Stamps in Tough Economic Times
You don't have to do without stamps because the rent is due, or raid the grocery money to buy the latest new issues. Learn some basic tricks of stamp buying without too much pain to your bank account and you can continue to enjoy stamp collecting just as you do when times are good.

Your 21st Century Stamp Want List
The online world offers collectors a myriad of ways to get the message of what they want to buy to add to their collections; traditionally called a want list this information can now be broadcast across the Internet, assuring that the sought stamps are available to the collector many times faster than in stamp collecting's earlier days.

New Collectors' Misconceptions About Stamp Dealers
New collectors suspect dealers of all sorts of strange thoughts and deeds. There are those who think all dealers are crooks. The truth is that your stamp dealer can be a mentor and someone to help you build a better collection.

Gifts for Stamp Collectors, 2011
Don't fret gifts for you significant stamp collecting other. Here are tips on what stamp collectors look forward to getting over the holidays.

Black History and Stamp Collecting Months -- Not Worlds Apart
Black history was made and noted on both sides of the Atlantic as a noteworthy black history collection was exhibited by Stanley Gibbons, during the U.K.'s Black History Month. In the U.S. it was National Stamp Collecting month and an important Martin Luther King Jr. postal commemorative cover was produced to mark the dedication of the King...

Stamp Mentors and Sharing Philatelic Knowledge
The old days of the kindly stamp dealer are just about over. You are now on your own to buy on the Internet, without the personal guidance that was once abundantly available in stamp shops.

For Living People on Stamps
The USPS has decided to honor living individuals on stamps, a move that will make the stamp issuing program more contemporary and bring new blood into the aging collector world.

Know How and When to Turn Your Stamp Collection Into Cash
Make sure your collection is well-organized and neat before you go to sell.

Finding a Stamp Dealer That's Right for You
The stamp collector must find a go-to dealer who specializes in the type of material he seeks. There are some common sense considerations one must keep in mind when sizing up stamp dealers and how they may serve the collector.

Main Street's Stamp Dealer
Jacques Minkus, known as The Man Who Brought Stamps to Main Street USA was the owner of one of the most successful stamp businesses in the world from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The Alternative First Day Cover
There are many variations of the first day cover, the pristine souvenir of the release day of a stamp that only travels through the mail system within another cover. The alternative are covers that have more to due with postal history than the artistic pieces of stamp memorabilia that are today's FDCs.

Today Stamp Condition is More Important than Ever When Buying
Buy stamps in good condition and then take care of your stamps -- and your investment.

Selling an Inherited Stamp Collection
Selling an inherited stamp collection can be an intimidating task, but there are ways to go about it that will reduce the stress and tension involved.

The Stamp Show Dealer: First Contact
Learn to listen to stamp dealers to determine what stamp collecting area is right for you.

Keeping Your Stamp Collection Up to Date
Creating a healthy stamp collection requires knowing where to find the information and the stamps that will make it grow.

Keeping It Clean on Stamp Blogs
Collecting stamps vs. collecting postal history.

The Rare Stamp Collector
Rare stamps, while out of the reach of many, can be had in less expensive versions.

The Appeal of Covers to Stamp Collectors
There are a number of reasons for the appeal of covers -- whether first days, event, or postal history -- to collectors. But it is often the stamp dealer who has to make a cover's meaning and value clear.

What the Stamp Dealer You Invest with Owes You
A stamp collector's good relationship with a stamp dealer is essential to being able to regularly add quality stamps at good prices to a collection.

Philatelic Trash: A Challenge For Stamp Collectors
Sometimes philatelic items held in low esteem can gain new respect with collectors.

Buying Philatelic Covers and Postal History Requires Savvy Shopping
Those who go from stamp collecting to add cover collecting to their philatelic menu must be aware of the different concerns that arising when buying items for their collections.

Philatelic Traditions Die Hard
The world's postal services, dealing with financial shortfall, through their actions are changing the way stamp collectors go about collecting.

Ebay Helps Stamp Collectors Become Part-time Dealers
Learn the basic rules of eBay selling to transition from stamp collector to stamp collector-stamp dealer.

Stamp Marketing Research Fails
Stamps are marketed to collectors and others in various ways, sometimes with success, sometimes without.

The Unusual from Your Dealer
There is more to the stock of most stamp dealers than just stamps and supplies. If you seek unusual stamp varieties, special printings, specialty philatelic literature, etc. you may find many dealers can provide for you.

Beginners Must Buy Stamps With Care
The beginning stamp collector may be tempted by the glamour items of philately, but in the first days of stamp collecting they must be forgotten for less expensive -- and less risky -- collection foundation stamps.

Numerous Benefits for Collectors at Larger Stamp Shows
Collectors who go to larger shows staged by stamp dealers reap numerous benefits.

A Stamp Collector's Questions
There are several questions that stamp collectors always want answers for.

Stamps' Romance and Reality
Collecting stamps for pleasure is simple. But if it is a profit you are looking for, you have your work cut out.

Stamps Hobby Rebirths Collectors
Many collectors are in the hobby for the second time. They are not the only ones who rejuvenate themselves -- the hobby has a way of bringing itself back to life periodically.

The Facts of Your Stamp Collection's Value
Be aware, as you put build your stamp collection, that what you pay for your stamps today will have a major impact on the resale of your collection later.

Beat the Stamp Dealers to the Punch
Get old stamp albums before stamp dealers have skimmed off the cream.

No Science to Pricing Philatelic Covers and Postal History
Lacking a definitive guide, prices for philatelic covers are often arrived at by collectors and dealers following their gut.

Knowing The Parts That Make Up a Cover
Those who know how to read a cover are better able to gauge its worth, while understanding why it may or may not be a fit for their collection. And knowing a covers' parts is a basic skill for the knowledgeable philatelist.

Don't Be Left Holding The Bag (of Worthless Stamps)
Finding and buying good stamps for your collection, especially those that are good investments.

Will Internet Stamp Sales Create Supercollectors?
It becomes harder for stamp collectors to remember the thrill of the hunt as the Internet makes stamps available at the click of a mouse.

Many Stamp Collectors Now Becoming Part-Time Dealers
Technology has made it increasingly easy for collectors who wish to become part-time stamp dealers to realize their dream.

Find Stamp Buying Advantage with Specialized Knowledge
What you know about your specialized area of stamp collecting can net you bargains when you go to buy stamps.

The Semi-Complete Self-Sustaining Stamp Collection
Collectors who learn to think like a dealer when going to buy stamps are not breaking any philatelic laws or selling their souls. In fact they are realizing better deals than the collectors who are stuck in the same old collector buying habits.

Philately's Generations: Part II
The value of a collection passed down to a collector's heirs must be considered from the points of view of sentiment and market value.

Compromise to Acquire the Stamps You Want
The stamp collector must reconcile his desire for the best with the reality of what he can afford.

Buying Stamps in Person Versus Online
Protect yourself by knowing the quality of the stamps you buy, whether it is in person or online.

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