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Rare Error Stamp Causes Errors

By February 25, 2013

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Well here's one for the books - or the stamp albums. Let's see how many mistakes we can find in this short Huffington Post piece on the rare Four Annas Inverted Head stamp error from India.

Okay, first the stamp - a marvelous error (bad enough to be good, as collectors say), a bicolor error of the type of the U.S.'s Inverted Jenny. HuffPo must have gotten caught up in error fever; or flu, in deference to the season. That's the only explanation I can imagine for calling the four anna stamp the hour anna stamp.

The final error involves the picture. Do you see that unprotected stamp in contact with naked fingers, and all the oils that they produce? What a philatelic no-no! Now, if that were a stamp worth 25 cents no one would make a stink. But come on, the stamp just sold for 69,600. This is what they invented stamp tongs for, folks.


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