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Collectors Should Favor a Peaceable Stampdom

By February 9, 2013

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An editor of a venerable philatelic publication recently put out an editorial that basically recommended that the USPS consign all the animal and plant stamps to the back burner, while the postal system gets back into the business of putting out stamps honoring statesmen and warriors of our country's past. And the idea of putting living individuals on stamps -- which thanks to the USPS board of governors is an idea seemingly put permanently on hold? Well, that idea is beneath contempt!

From a business standpoint, this might seem a good idea: most stamps sold to collectors are bought by earlier generations who believe that the interests of America are best served by picturing presidents, generals and war heroes on our stamps. These collectors, who sock their stamps away, assuring that the USPS never has to return value by actually delivering mail franked by its stamps are surely the beloved of the U.S. post office.

But if one must honor a statesman or president, I would recommend that they once again feature Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President and a warrior par excellence. One of his last acts as president was to warn the country of the negative influence of the military-industrial complex on the country. His concern is still worth thinking about today: Let's keep the stamps coming out of the USPS reflecting the wide range of interest and concerns of Americans, and not those that only remind us of the war-plagued past and politics as usual, featuring the usual suspects.


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