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Wee Hours TV Comedian Ferguson Milks Philately for Yuks

By January 30, 2013

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Late late night funnyman Craig Ferguson pulled out all the stops for his monologue about philateling, the nonexistent, but to some (many), hilarious sounding verb form of philately. Of course, any area can be plundered for terms that sound naughty -- check out the index in a plumber's manual sometime. But it is a long standing tradition that stamp collecting provides plenty of fodder for those who want to wring risqué double entendres out of defenseless terms like Inverted Jenny and tête-bêche.

It's a good human quality to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, so go ahead and check out Ferguson's philateling routine. (He even gives the Queen, something of a philatelist herself, a cheap shot. Oh, that naughty baggy-pants Scottish clown! I'll bet you can hear her response now, can't you? "We are not amused.")

In any event, Ferguson should be careful -- he talks pretty big for someone whose sidekick, a zombie robot named Jeff, looks like he is made up of discarded stamp tongs, mount guillotines, and a couple black lights.


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