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What In the World Is That Stamp?

By March 12, 2012

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Those who begin a worldwide collection of stamps often come upon a particular stumbling block: figuring out where the heck a stamp comes from! Countries that use different characters or alphabets can stop the new collector dead in his tracks. As can names that don't even sound like countries. (N.D. Hrvatska anyone?)

Of course another problem is finding that the country of your stamp has, ummm, ceased to be, as Monty Python once described a parrot that had seen better days. Much better days. Then it is a question as to where in your catalog to look. They aren't all strictly alphabetical after all, and without some geography knowledge you could find yourself up the Nile without a paddle. (Especially disconcerting for you as you thought you were on the Volga...)

Ok, quick, where is Shqiperia? Actually a better question might be "What is Shqiperia?" (You can use the above link to find out. You didn't think I was going to leave you in that strange place all alone, did you?)

Of course, what you have on your hands might not be a real stamp at all, but rather a bogus one, or fantasy stamp.

In fact, you might look at a stamp of Etat Domino and dream of a vacation there. But it will always remain a dream, because that particular stamp was a fantasy created by the late, prolific philatelic artist Donald Evans.

If you think you may have a philatelic fantasy on your hands, check it out against the list found here. I'd recommend bookmarking the site for future reference. Because you never know what might turn up in a collection.


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